Upcoming Yearly Events/Tournaments

Spring Events

  • Indoor Golf Simulator With Trainers
  • March Madness Golf Tournament
  • Pray, Play, & Stay

Summer Events

  • Pray, Play, & Stay
  • June Tournament
  • Practice Makes Perfect

Winter Events

  • Pray, Play, & Stay
  • Celebrity Charity Golf Tournament
  • Shepherd Major

Tournaments and Events Descriptions


Our events are open to members and non-members. These events will be community building golf days.

1. Pray, Play, & Stay - We will pray as a group at the first tee time, play our round, and then stay afterwards to fellowship together.

2. Practice Makes Perfect - We will be meeting at a local driving range. Throughout your practicing we will have a club pro give some tips to help improve your game. 


We will hold a plethora of different tournaments open to our members only. These tournaments will be broken up into two categories: Handicapped and Non-handicapped tournaments. No handicap is required to play in the non handicapped tournaments, but if the tournament is a handicapped event, one is required. In the event that you do not have an active handicap you will play at a 0.

Handicap Tournaments

1. Pro-Am- You will get randomly paired up with a PGA pro and add their Sunday score to your net score. Example- If T Woods shoots -3 on Sunday and your net score is 80, together you shot a 77.

2. Poker Night- Collect playing cards by playing golf! Every Net Par= 1 card, Net Birdie= 2 cards, Net Eagle= 3 cards..etc. Turn in your scorecard at the end of the round and receive the number of cards that you deserve. Build the best possible poker hand with those cards and whoever has the best poker hand overall wins. In the event of a tie diamonds will be regarded as the best suit. 

3. 2 man scramble- Sign up solo or with a partner. You will take your combined handicaps divided in half and that will be your teams new handicap. Best score overall wins!

4. Shepherd Major- We will play at tougher local golf course. Whoever score the best gross and net scores will be declared the top winners.

Non-Handicapped Tournaments

1. Ryder Cup- You and a partner will be put to golfs ultimate tandem challenge. Your 2 man team will play 6 best ball holes, 6 holes scramble style, & 6 alternate shot holes. The pairing with the best score at the end of the round will be declared the winner.

2. Shepherd Major-We will play at tougher local golf course. Whoever score the best gross and net scores will be declared the top winners.

3. 4 man scramble- Call your buddies in this 4 man teamed tournament. You and 3 other teammates will compete against all other teams to see who can score the lowest. Whichever 4some scores the lowest will be our winner.

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