League Rules

*Games will be governed by Official USVBA Volleyball Rules, with Shepherd Sports modifications


1. Serves may be underhand, overhand or participants may attempt to jump serve.

2. The players of the serving team must not screen the opponents from seeing the contact for service or the path of the ball. Blocking or attacking the serve is NOT allowed.

3. Only one serve is allowed, but players may drop a bad toss once during that current service rotation and still serve again. A second dropped toss will void that players serve and give the opposing team a point and the next serve.

4. On change of serve, all players shall rotate clockwise. If your team does not start the game with the serve, the team must rotate before the first serve.


1. The following constitutes illegal hits:

 a) Ball visibly comes to rest. b) Held ball. c) Successive contacts. d) Ball is trapped

 e) Ball rolls on body. f) Ball is contacted with raised foot.

2. The following actions are considered faults and a point will be awarded to the other team:

a) Player touching net. b) Hand or hands going over the net onto the opponents’ side of net (Even if the net is not touched) c) A player takes support from a teammate or any object in order to reach the ball. d) A team contacts the ball four times or more before returning it to the opponents. e) Catching or throwing the ball. f) Serving out of turn. g) A player contacts the ball twice in succession or the ball contacts various parts of the player’s body successively.


1. A ball hit by a player, playing close to the net, and attempting to block a shot by an opponent, shall not be counted as one of the three taps permitted by his team. He/she may block the shot and play the ball before a teammate touches the ball.

2. No player may cross the centerline inside the opponent’s court. (A player’s foot may land on the centerline provided none of their body parts are over the line)

3. No back row player may participate in front row blocking or attacking when playing a ball above the net line.


1. Restrictions to a back-row player - can attack the ball above the height of the net if their feet are completely behind the attack line during or just prior to the attack. Back row players may land in the attack zone after the completion of the attack. Back row players can hit the ball in front of the 10 foot line if that player hits the ball below the top of the net.

Player Conduct & Gym Rules:

1. All captains, players, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that glorifies God. Any conduct deemed inappropriate by the Officials, League Coordinator or the Sports Pastor will result in disciplinary action or expulsion from the gym and league.

2. For any conduct violations the sports staff will issue a Red or Yellow Card. Yellow Card related conduct is as follows: Any use of profanity; excessive arguing; destructive play, including deliberately running/sliding into the opposite teams players. For any of these violations and or a more series conduct related issues the sports staff can issue a player a red card. Any red card is an automatic ejection from that the current game and the following game. A red card is the same as receiving two yellow cards. Any red card and a yellow card will result in removal from the league.

3. Conduct Violations: Each incident involving a conduct violation (yellow or red card) results in an automatic point and serve for the opposing team. The second yellow card by the same player in the same match will result in the ejection of that player, and his/her ineligibility for the following game. The third conduct violation (yellow card) by the same player in any game or match throughout the season will result in removal from the league. A red card equals the value of two yellow cards. The Sports Pastor and League Coordinator will have the ultimate decision on all conduct related issues 

Teams & Eligibility:

1. 4 players from a team’s official roster are required to avoid a forfeit. You must have at least 1 female on the floor at all times.

2. No team may have more than 5 male or female players on the court at the same time.

3. A game can be started with a minimum of 5 total players, 4 of which have to be on the official roster.

4. Teams may only pick up a maximum of 2 players from other Shepherd volleyball teams or official sub list. If a game begins with these substitutes and the team’s eligible players eventually show up, they must be inserted in the line-up to replace the substitutes.

5. When a team adds a sub they must have approval from the opposing team’s captain and league director. Captains have the right to refuse any substitute, however in order to avoid any forfeits, league officials can over-ride this at any time.

6. Players from other teams may not be picked up for the playoffs. If a team cannot field the required players from their official team roster, they will lose by forfeit.

7. After the third week all rosters are considered final. Any player who did not participate within the first three weeks is considered ineligible, unless granted approval by league officials.

8. All players on the roster are eligible for the playoffs.

9. A player must be 16 years old or turn 16 during the season to be eligible to play.

10. No one can play until they have turned in a signed waiver and completed registration.

11. If a player has not paid his/her league fee by the second game of the season, that player is considered ineligible until fees are paid in full.

Playing the Game:

1. A match during the regular season will be best of 3 sets.

2. Matches will last a maximum of 50 minutes. The team that is winning at the end of the 50 minutes will be declared the winner. Time is decided by the ref.

3. In the event of a 3rd set, the game will be played to 15 points (win by 2).

4. Games will be scored with rally scoring (a.k.a. quick scoring). A Point will be awarded on every serve.

5. Captains will roshambo before the first set. Winner may choose either Serve or Side. Following games will alternate serve and side.

6. Games are to 25 points; winners must win by 2 points or the first team to 30 points.

7. Each team is allowed one timeout per set. Timeouts will be one minute in length.

8. Substitutions may only occur after a team’s side out, prior to the next new server. The substitutes may come in as the next new server ONLY. Substitution maybe male or female so long as the Teams & Eligibility rules are not violated. Once a game is started teams must keep their same rotation for that current game. Teams can change their rotations between each game.

9. Any player may sub for an injured player as long as the team does not violate the teams and eligibility rules. Any injured player replaced with an injury sub may not return for the duration of that game.

10. Standings will be based on the number of matches won, (win/loss record) not the number of sets won.

11. Teams must be ready to play by 10 minutes past the hour. If a team shows up more than 10 minutes after the hour the league director has the right to rule the first game a forfeit to the team that is not present. The second and third games will proceed in the same fashion. (see teams & eligibility for adding players)

12. Tie breakers will first be broken by head to head match-up. If there is a tie between three or more teams then the head to head match-up would always be considered first. If a head to head tie breaker does not break the tie, then a point spread system between the teams involved will be used. A point spread from those games involving the tied teams will be taken and the team with the biggest winning margin between all teams will get the highest seed and so on to break all ties. (Playoff format subject to change)

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