Our Youth Basketball Leagues are the highlight of our thriving basketball program. We offer 5 divisions: 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 and 13-15. These leagues are always filled with exciting competition, a thriving learning environment, and a whole lot of fun for both players and parents. All of our leagues are family friendly and open to the public. This league is designed for all skill levels, so be sure to invite your friends, family, and neighbors for a great season of basketball at Shepherd Sports.

Youth Basketball League - Summer 2024


  • Skill Assessment Day: 

           June 8 |  9 &10 @ 8:15 am  |  11 &12 @ 9:30 am  |   13-15 @ 10:45 am

       June 9 |   5 & 6 @ 4:30 pm    |   7 & 8 @ 5:45 pm

  • Make-Up Assessment:

      *June 15 | 5&6, 7&8 @ 9am |9&10, 11&12 @ 9:45 am | 13-15 @ 10:35 am

Interested in Coaching?

If you call Shepherd Church your home church and would like to get involved this summer, share with us your interest and register below to begin.

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League Notes

Game/Practice Days
Season after season, things change slightly for us at Shepherd Sports depending on how many athletes sign up and the need for the gym space for church-wide activities. The following is what we have planned for our 2024 Summer Season, but it could potentially change slightly. Most of our sessions take place in the Shepherd Gym, but there is a chance other gyms could be used if needed.  Summer league will be a 7-8 game season with 6-8 practices.

5/6 Division will practice/play on Fridays 430-730pm.
7/8 Division will practice/play on Sundays 415-715pm.
9/10 Division will practice Monday 6,7, or 8pm, Friday 6 or 7pm or Sunday 6 or 7pm. Games are Saturdays 9 or10am.
11/12 Division will practice Monday 6,7, or 8pm, Friday 6 or 7pm or Sunday 6 or 7pm. Games are Saturdays 10 or11am.
13-15 Division will practice Friday 6 or 7pm, Saturday 8am or Sunday 6 or 7pm. Games are Mondays 6,7, or 8pm.

Skill Assessment Day
This day serves as our deadline for the league and we require all pre-registered players to attend Skill Assessment Day (S.A.D.) This will be an opportunity for our staff and volunteer coaches to evaluate the skill level of each player in the league. S.A.D. usually takes about an hour for each age group and is mandatory for every player in the league. This day serves as a practice for the kids and gets them comfortable with the gym too. Times for each age group are listed above. Athletes that do not come to S.A.D. are at risk of bring replaced by someone on the waiting list and/or moved to another team during the season to help fulfill the needs of the league. If you are on a waitlist you do not need to come to S.A.D.

Parent Night
At Parent Night, we will go through an overview of the league -our goals, the heart behind the program, league Rules, and Expectations. League practice times/days will also be announced, and you will have a chance to meet your coach. Please make sure you attend this mandatory meeting. Athletes and families are welcome.


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