Refund Policy

We understand things can change, and new circumstances might keep you from participating in a program you registered for. However, as we organize teams and limit the capacity of our programs, your registration determines how we proceed, and this, many times, keeps other people from being able to join. Please do not request a refund if you fall outside any of the following refund policies. If a refund applies to your circumstances, you can request a refund by clicking the button below and filling out the refund application. Please allow for 10 business days.

  • Any cancellation after 48-hours is subject to a $30 administration fee.
  • Cancellations made within one week of that program's first scheduled date are subject to half the registration fee. 
  • There are no refunds after the second day of any program.
  • To be considered for any refund, you must fill out the "Request a Refund" form in completion. 

*The start of any program includes - parent night, skill assessment, captains meeting, or any organized gathering of that program. 

**This refund request marks the date of your official cancellation. No previous communications will be considered.